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in Guinea!!!

AquaFarms Africa is in Guinea, West Africa! In partnership with Dare to Innovate, AquaFarmsAfrica will be training 100 Guinean women and youth to launch their own AquaFarms franchises to boost local economy and promote agriculture, while creating jobs and wealth. We are building our training models and providing 3 months of accelerated training in Aquaponics for the women and youth involved.


Dare to Innovate is a youth-led movement to end unemployment in West Africa through investment in entrepreneurial ecosystems. In Guinea since 2012, their incubator programs have invested in 57 businesses in Guinea, Benin, and Ghana and they are committed to urban and rural innovation for private sector growth and job creation. Check them out at www.daretoinnovate.com.


                          Stay tuned to watch our progress!


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