Bequita Mahama

Bequita was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her grandfather was a farmer in South Georgia, but it wasn't until she moved to Ghana that she began to respect his craft and sought to embed his passion into her work. She has always had a scientist’s natureand when faced with agriculture development issues such as GMOs and unsanitary farming practices, she knew she had to do something and she now has 8 years of experience in designing and building aquaponics systems.


Wiatta Thomas

Wiatta is a co-founder of Dare to Innovate, a social business incubator and CEO of Natri, an agri-brand development firm. Originally Liberian, she has lived in Guinea for the last 9 years and worked across West Africa in youth economic development, giving her a deep understanding of entrepreneurial ecosystems and promising agricultural value chains. Her deepest passion is economic development and African diaspora investment in the continent, with agriculture being a priority sector.