About AquaFarms Africa

AquaFarms Africa is an agri-tech company based in Conakry, Guinea, with plans to expand throughout West Africa. We employ aquaponics farming techniques (a combination of fish farming and soilless agriculture) to locally and sustainably produce fish and niche vegetables and fruits that would normally be imported from outside of the continent. 


Aquaponics is generally considered to be more efficient than conventional farming as it is more productive per square meter planted, requires 95% less water than traditional agriculture, is completely organic, and allows for farming to be conducted in a climate-controlled environment thus facilitating year-round farming and harvesting. 


Our tech-enabled social franchise model provides a “business-in-a-box” to young entrepreneurs. New entrepreneurs focus on production, while AquaFarms Africa manages other areas of the operational value chain such as procurement, quality control, marketing, sales and logistics. Our proprietary app allows our franchisees to better manage their sites as well as enables us to manage quality control and logistics at lower costs. Our franchises also are easily scalable and offer a transparent investment model for diaspora, increasing local access to capital.


By making urban agriculture broadly available and easily accessible through AquaFarms Africa’s locally made and cost-efficient aquaponics system, we provide lucrative opportunities in the food space for women and youth, while reducing carbon imprints from food importation. Our target market gives us the ability to develop a regular and reliable customer base. We sustainably provide speedy farm-to-table delivery of our high-value produce and fish products to our target customers – hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and corporations – which allows young urban farmers to obtain greater incomes and repatriate monies spent in international markets.

AquaFarms Africa not only addresses accessibility to food security and food sovereignty, but also the need to boost youth employment, both major issues when facing urbanization across the continent.

AquaFarmer and youth on East African farm